[New eBook] A Five Minute Guide on The Anatomy of a Real Estate Website

By Seth Price

Placester News

When it comes to creating websites, small details make all the difference in delighting or frustrating a visitor. They’ve come to your website for a specific reason and want to know in an instant that you are trust worthy and have the ability to solve their particular need.

Few people understand this challenge better than Frederick Townes, Placester’s co-founder and CTO and also the Senior Technical Advisor to Frederick has helped launch tens of thousands of websites, created one of the most popular WordPress plugins in the world and has mastered the dynamic of developing forward thinking technology that helps businesses engage and captivate consumers on the web.

In this resource, we break down the Anatomy of a Real Estate Homepage. Helping to clarify 18 critical attributes that every real estate marketer should consider when creating a website.

The eBook also includes practical website marketing tips, along with a guide to getting started.

Click here to download the iPad version from iTunes:

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