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By Colin Ryan

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Lisa Archer's real estate website integrates social media and MLS property data

Lisa Archer of

Over the last few months, the Placester team has had the privilege of working with Lisa Archer to design and build her new real estate website, Lisa, a Charlotte, NC-based agent and broker, is the CEO of Team Ludlow Realty and a Realtor at Keller Williams. No stranger to technology, Lisa is also half of The Geeky Girls, a duo that teaches and advocates for technological literacy in the real estate industry, with a focus on Internet lead generation and social media.

It should come as no surprise, then, that Lisa wanted her new website to integrate the property data from her MLS with Twitter, Pinterest, and other social channels. This, however, was easier said than done.

Until very recently, MLS’s have been skittish about allowing agents and brokers to share their content via social media. Why? Well, as any real estate software developer can tell you—and believe me, they will if you let them—designing applications that integrate the latest property data in order to display it for consumers is no easy task.

The challenge is one of engineering, but also of compliance. The fear is that due to the sheer volume of sharing and various different channels, social media will be difficult to police for unauthorized use and abuse of MLS data—say, sharing photos of listings that aren’t yours in order to entice leads. This fear, combined with the complexity of the technology, has led many MLS’s to shy away from social media support.

Luckily, Placester and other real estate technology companies have been working hard to build better solutions and close the education gap for MLS’s, helping them to understand that social media and sharing actually support, rather than undermine, data ownership and attribution.

As a result, MLS’s across the country (including Lisa’s) have begun to change their policies, giving agents access to their data via social media. As for us, we’ll continue to be on the front lines, designing websites that take advantage of MLS data to help real estate pros like Lisa better market themselves and their businesses online.

Want to see how you can translate all that great MLS property data into a rich, full-featured, and effective real estate marketing website? Be sure to visit Lisa Archer at Live Love Charlotte for a great example of what’s possible. Also, don’t forget to check Lisa out on Twitter and The Geeky Girls!

What do you think? Should all MLS’s allow social media integration with their property data? Tell us in the comments.

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