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By Colin Ryan

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Creating, Hosting, and Promoting your Real Estate Videos

Visual content is hugely important in helping potential customers establish a connection with your online property listings, and no medium is more potent than video. In fact, in a 2011 poll, nearly three quarters of home sellers said they’d be more willing to list their property with an agent who offered to do a video tour of their home. With that in mind, we’ve collected some of our favorite resources on video marketing and SEO from around the web.

2 Brilliant Real Estate Videos That Generated Buzz and Business – Inman Next

Chris Smith offers two examples of awesome real estate videos, then interviews their agents to discuss how they were conceived, how viewers responded, and what makes them so effective.

4 Ways to Keep Viewers Engaged in an Online Video – Wistia

Our friends at Wistia suggest how you can keep your viewers watching to the end, with tips ranging from which clips you should leave out to why you shouldn’t save the best for last.

How to Use Online Video for Marketing [SLIDESHARE] – HubSpot

From the folks who coined the term “Inbound Marketing” comes this step-by-step tutorial for creating marketing videos, with practical suggestions for shooting, editing, promoting, and measuring a video’s success.

Hosting and Embedding for Video SEO – SEOMoz

This exhaustive guide from industry leader SEOMoz explains how you can get the most SEO juice out of your real estate videos, with tips on where to host, how to generate links, and which kinds of video content are most search engine friendly.

3 Ways to Send a Real Estate Video Viral on YouTube – Placester Blog

Using a TED Talk on Internet virality as our starting point, we discuss the three most important factors that inspire people to share videos, and how you can apply those factors to the real estate space.

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