Weekend Links, May 7: Donald Trump, the Power of Sound, and Facebook’s Future Questioned

By Colin Ryan

Industry News

Spend your weekend getting that perfect photo of the supermoon? No problem. Let us reflect some light on the best tech and marketing news and opinions from around the web.

Here’s Why Google and Facebook Might Completely Disappear in the Next 5 Years (

Eric Jackson uses the history of the web and academic theories about the effects of management on organizations to boldly suggest that Web 2.0 giants like Facebook and Google will struggle to adapt their success to the Internet’s next phase: mobile.

Too Many Brands Stuck on Media Part of Social Media (

Larry Friedman suggests that companies need to take advantage of the social aspect of social media by concentrating on customer relationships and actively engaging them in conversations about their products and services. We agree.

What Facebook May Do with Glancee, its Latest Mobile Acquisition (ReadWriteWeb)

Mark Zuckerberg continues his company’s string of mobile app grabs with Glancee, an “ambient social location” tool. How will Facebook integrate the app into its overall strategy? ReadWriteWeb’s Richard MacManus offers some ideas.

Why Sound Could Win in the Battle Against Video on the Web (Mashable) Radio may be mostly dead, but according to Soundcloud CEO Alexander Ljung, sound is making a comeback. At Mashable Connect, Ljung explains why noise is poised to give video a run for its money when it comes to engaging web content.

40 Things About Real Estate We Can All Agree On

From the strange abundance of number-one agents, to real estate reality shows, to Donald Trump’s hair, Placester’s own Seth Price offers a list of 40 things that are sure to irk and excite every real estate agent working today.

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