Weekend Links, May 21: Apple’s Worst Fears, the Potential of Email, and Real Estate’s Rising Stars

By Colin Ryan

Industry News

Whether it was trading bells or wedding bells, chances are this weekend’s Facebook news frenzy had your ears ringing. Here are a few things you might have missed.

Who’s Who of The Top Young Realtors in the Country []

Check out bios, stats, quotes, and tips from the most promising and top-producing young Realtors across the country this past year.

Great Infographic: What’s Fueling Innovation in The Mobile Revolution []

No doubt about it, mobile is the next marketing revolution. In this infographic, the folks at HighTable show just who’s fueling that revolution–and the data may surprise you.

Apple Predictions That Will Make Your Head Spin []

Whether you’re an Apple hater or an enthusiast, you’ve probably wondered, “Will Apple ever crash and burn?” Wonder no longer: the folks at Business Insider imagine five scenarios for you to dream (or dread).

Another Social Network? Can Microsoft Pull It Off Where so Many Have Failed []

Microsoft brings its “experimental” social network into the light. Color us skeptical, but intrigued.

Urban Tech Myths Debunked []

From battery life to jailbreaking to malware on Macs, Lifehacker debunks some of the great urban legends plaguing the tech world today.

Don’t Forget Your Email Marketing Channel, Often it Trumps Social [Placester]

Email gets a bad rap these days, but it’s much more relevant–and more valuable–than you might think. We show you the stats and break down how you can capitalize on email as part of your marketing strategy.

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