Weekend Links, May 14: Women in Tech, Your Customer Service Black Belt, and Facebook’s Latest Tool for Marketers (Plus, a BONUS!)


By Colin Ryan

Industry News

Facebook's new marketing feature

Naturally, you were so busy lavish attention and gifts on your mother (or, at least, frantically shopping for last-minute cards and flowers) that you missed a few of this weekend’s best tech and digital marketing links. Get up to speed with some of our favorites.

Google’s Top Four Search Engine Changes: Why Every Real Estate Agent Should Care [RIS Media]

Mark Toppenberg breaks down Google’s most significant algorithm changes from the past year, and explains how real estate agents should confront each in their web content and digital marketing campaigns.

Facebook Gauges Interest in New Way to Monetize Users: Highlighted Posts [Inside Facebook]

The ‘book has begun testing “highlighted posts,” which allow users to promote to promote their status updates to the top of their friends’ news feeds for a small fee. Will they catch on—and if so, will they turn Facebook into a marketing wasteland?

Why We Need To Keep Talking About Women in Tech [CNET]

From sexist conventioneers in Denmark to Facebook’s all-male board of directors, Molly Wood examines the lack of women in the technology sector, and explains why her industry should reverse the trend.

The Art of Customer Service Jiu Jitsu [Placester Academy]

At the Placester Real Estate Marketing Academy, Seth Price offers insight on how you can use the principles of martial arts to humble yourself and increase customer satisfaction. Plus, Placester’s own Henry Behnke offers an impressive video demonstration.

Forget Facebook: Why LinkedIn is Better for Marketers [Placester Blog]

Despite its relative size, LinkedIn offers digital marketers a better lead conversion rate and a warmer, more targeted audience than Facebook, and the addition of Slideshare will only make it more useful. Here’s why.

And finally, a just-for-fun bonus:

Why You Spill Coffee While Walking, and How You Can Stop It From Happening [Gizmodo]

California’s takes at work! Scientists from UC Santa Barbara conduct an experiment to see why we can’t seem to get from the coffee machine to our desks without spilling the stuff all over ourselves.

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