News for our WordPress Plugin Users: International Support and Other Updates


By Colin Ryan

Placester News, Feature Release

Great news for WordPress users: we’ve just finished a massive update to our WordPress plugin! You can now browse the Placester Theme Gallery directly from the plugin interface, and install new themes (including premium themes) with just one click.

We’ve also fixed several bugs in the Theme Gallery in order to increase security, improve compatibility with other plugins, and guarantee compliance with MLS regulations.

Finally, for our many users abroad, we’re proud to announce full international support for our WordPress plugin. That means access to the full functionality of our great themes, plus all the features Placester users know and love, including geocoding, block addresses, etc.

Remember: whether you find them on our website or through the WordPress plugin, downloading our themes directly from the Gallery ensures automatic updates and quicker fixes to any bugs.

Have an issue with our plugin or a suggestion for future updates and features? Tell us!

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