(Long) Weekend Links, May 29: Oversharing, a Facebook Phone, and What It Takes to Start Up a Startup


By Colin Ryan

Industry News

Happy Tuesday from the Placester Team! Here are a few links you may have missed while you were busy overcooking everyone’s burgers this Memorial Day.

Girl Posts Pics of Money on Facebook and Attracts Robbers [Mashable]

Need a reason to share less on Facebook? Look to Australia, where armed robbers broke into a woman’s home after her 17-year-old daughter posted pictures of a big pile of cash.

How a Multi-Million Funded Startup Lost and a Scrappy Squatter Won [Techli]

The story of ClassConnect, a collaborative web-based education tool, sheds light on what it takes to be successful in the ultracompetitive world of technology startups—and how much can go wrong when you think you’ve got it all figured out.

Facebook Tries, Tries Again on a Smartphone [NY Times]  

The company may have taken a hit, but Facebook still has $16 billion to play with, and the mobile industry is beckoning. Nick Bilton of the New York Times discusses the possibility (and feasibility) of a Facebook phone.

Crowdfunding Via Customers is the New Startup Capital [GigaOM]

In the age of Kickstarter, raising capital online is changing the face of big and small business, giving entrepreneurs to a huge and diverse investor pool and providing a venue to gauge demand for their ideas.

Facebook’s 6-Step Recovery Program [The Placester Blog]

Following the tech giant’s rocky IPO, we look at the six issues Facebook must address on its path to recovery and prosperity, including a shaky advertising system and a hazy strategy for big-name acquisitions like Instagram.

13 Ways to Make Idea Generation a Daily Habit [BlueGlass]

Kerry Jones of marketing agency BlueGlass discusses how to consistently produce content ideas for your blog or website that are relevant, useful and interesting.

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